History of the Taxi

Remember the old movies and seeing the horse-drawn carriages they were the original taxis, ordinated in the 17th Century. Today we have Wokingham taxi companies like Swift Cars, you can call our taxis from the comfort of your own home rather than waiting for a horse and carriage to come along!

History of the Taxi

Taxis, also known as taxicab or cab (depending on where in the world you are), is simply a vehicle for hire with a driver. There are various types of taxis from the executive cars,black cabs and the yellow cabs – you see these in the movies! Painted yellow so that they are easy to see.

A popular mode of transport, so what is the history of the famous taxi?

Horse-drawn for hire-hackney services for carriage began their services in London and Paris in the early 17th Century. There had to be regulation for the taxis, this was the first time in history that taxis were regulated. They regulated the number of taxis in London and Paris. Technology moved on and Gottlieb Daimler built the first meter equipped taxi in 1897 and in the same year the first motorised taxi company started its operations over 200 hundred years ago.

Gas powered taxis were first used in Paris 2 years later. London followed in 1903. By the 20th Century the number of taxis in Berkshire and all over the globe increased at an astounding rate. So how did the drivers communicate with the controllers? In the late 1940s the two way radio was invented, then 40 years later the computer system was used, this resulted in a more efficient service for customers.

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In the 20th Century the following cities around the world have the most taxis:

  • London, England
  • New York City, New York
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • exico City, Mexico
  • Lima, Peru

Swift Cars is pleased to be part of history offering an affordable, friendly taxi service to our customers in Wokingham.

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