How To Get From Heathrow Airport to Wokingham: Quick Guide

From Heathrow Airport to Wokingham. You can catch trains, buses or book a taxi.

  • A train trip takes 1 hour and 30 minutes you have to catch 3 different trains.
  • A bus trip takes 2 hours you have to change buses in Reading.
  • A taxi will take you to Wokingham in 1 hour.

The distance between Heathrow airport and Wokingham is 25 miles.

Train from Heathrow to Wokingham,

The train journey from Heathrow to Wokingham is not direct. You have to catch 3 different trains on your journey.

  • From Heathrow airport you catch a train to Hayes and Harlington this train runs every 30 minutes.
  • Next, catch a train to Reading, the journey takes 38 minutes to Reading and the train runs every 20 minutes.
  • Lastly, you catch a train from Reading to Wokingham these trains run every 20 minutes.

Bus from Heathrow to Wokingham

There is also the option of catching buses from Heathrow to Wokingham. You have to catch 2 buses and the journey takes around 2 hours.

Depending on how long you have to wait for the bus.

  • You can catch the National express, 200 or 201 to Three Mile Cross, Mereoak Lane, Reading. The bus runs every hour.
  • Catch the 60-greenwave towards St, Marys Butts in Reading Town Centre. This bus runs every 30 minutes.
  • From Reading catch, the 4-Lion or X4 – Lion bus to Wokingham, this bus runs every 30 minutes.

Taxi from Heathrow to Wokingham

If you do not want the hassle of having to change buses and trains to get to Wokingham from Heathrow airport. You can book a taxi from Heathrow airport to Wokingham.

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This option is more convenient if you are travelling with family. If you have a lot of luggage it is easier to just put it in the boot.

We also have wheelchair accessible taxis. You can also book from Wokingham to Heathrow taxi

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