Travelling On A Budget

Travelling on a budget has become more popular. With the increase in cheap flights. With the budget airlines always competing with each other. Travelling has become accessible able for all. There are thousands of travel blogs. For people to learn about other travellers experiences. Travellers sharing money saving tips, making it more appealing for people to travel. Many of the bloggers are travelling on a budget. There has been an increase in people sharing their travel pictures on social media. The world seems to have become a smaller place.

Many of our passengers travel for pleasure. Some fly from Heathrow. Some fly from Gatwick and others from Stansted.

Travelling On A Budget Tips

1. Plan

This is really important if you are travelling on a budget. You don’t want your money to run out abroad.

  • Things to include in your plan:
  • Where you have decided to travel to
  • When you are planning to go
  • How long you are planning to stay
  • Search for the cheapest flights
  • The earlier you plan the cheaper your trip will be.

2. Book your flights in advance

The earlier you book your flights the cheaper they are likely to be. Book your return flights in advance. Compare prices online before booking your flights. Low-cost budget airlines usually have deals throughout the year.

Top tip

Midweek prices for flights are lower.

3. Book Your Accommodation

Here are some options

Couchsurf. Which is the cheapest option. Many people are not comfortable sleeping on a strangers sofa. However, nowadays it has become more popular. You get a chance to meet the locals and can get some tips.
Budget hotels – are convenient. Some have great deals if you book in advance. They may have a free cancellation policy. You may also have the option of only paying your deposit in advance. And paying the remaining amount when you arrive.

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Airbnb – which has accommodation to suit all budgets. You can cook your own food and have the opportunity to find out about local knowledge from your host.

Top tip

Read the reviews before you book.

4. Packing

It is essential that you keep your packing to the essentials you will need. Especially if you are travelling on a budget. You do not want to pay more for your luggage on your flight. Taking hand luggage onto a low-cost airline is free. Extra luggage or extra weight means you have to spend more money.

5. Public Transport

The cheapest way to travel is on public transport. You should do research on the cheapest ways to get around at your chosen destinations.

6. Eating Out

We all love eating out especially when we are abroad as we want to experience the food. You can still experience the cuisine if you shop around.

  • Check out
  • The local food markets – often cheap prices
  • Street vendors – cheap authentic food
  • Restaurants – have a look at their menus outside the restaurants for prices

Top tip

Enjoy the cuisine!

Travelling On A Budget With Family

Many families travel on a budget around the globe together. You too can follow our traveling on budget tips above. Bearing in mind traveling with your family will be more expensive. The more you plan the cheaper your trip will be.

Here are a few more tips that will help you travel on a budget with family.

  • Travel off-peak
  • Look for free tourist attractions to visit. In many countries, there are certain times/days that entrance is free
  • Choose a destination which has a low cost of living. Your holiday will be cheaper with family!
  • Book self- catering accommodation. It’s cheaper to cook than eat out.
  • Carry your own water bottles.
  • Have plenty of snacks.
  • Barter – The culture in many countries is to barter. Don’t be shy!
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