Wokingham Community Hospital

Wokingham Community Hospital is a local hospital that provides patients that live in Berkshire with health care. There are various outpatient clinics and a range of services for both children and adults. There are also rehabilitation wards for adults and for young people that have been diagnosed with mental illness.

Rehabilitation wards

There are two rehabilitation wards for the elderly. One for males, Ascot ward. And one for females, Windsor ward. The adults that are usually referred to this ward need assistance with nursing, physiotherapy care and occupational therapy. Patients usually stay here for 1-4 weeks depending on their health and if they have a care plan when they go home.

Visiting hours are from 2pm-5pm and 6pm-8pm. As the patients see the Dr who monitors their medicine and well-being and the physiotherapist in the morning. If you need a Wokingham taxi to visit someone at the hospital call 01184 363636.


There are a number of clinics at Wokingham Hospital.

  • Dietetic clinics for adults and children. There is also a weight management group.
  • Memory clinics these are for people who are experiencing problems with their memory. their reasoning or communication.
  • Diabetic eye screening clinics are run at Wokingham Hospital. To monitor the condition of the eyes for those patients that have diabetes.
  • Podiatry clinics are held to treat patients who have problems with their feet.
  • Talking Therapies is a service that is offered to people who have anxiety and depression. And for those people that suffer from stress or have phobias.

Wokingham Hospital Physiotherapy

Wokingham Hospital also offers physiotherapy care. For people who are suffering with physical problems that were caused by an accident or illness. And for physical problems caused by ageing. The physiotherapists provide treatment and support to help people manage any short or long-term conditions. The physiotherapy clinic at Wokingham Hospital also has a specialist clinic for people with cancer who are experiencing tightness or reduced range of movement after their treatment.

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You can pre-book a taxi with us to Wokingham Community Hospital, or you can call us on the day on 0118 4363636.


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