7 Tips for Effective Meetings

Many of our passengers book a taxi as they need to get to a meeting. Passengers choose to get a Wokingham Taxi to get to their meetings, as it is essential that they get to their meeting on time. No one wants the added stress of trying to find parking. It is vital that you are prepared for your meeting. If meetings are not planned they are usually not effective. Sometimes meetings can go on for hours, and everyone just goes around in circles! People go off on tangents and the end result is just wasted time. Not to mention 39% of people attending meetings doze off during the meeting!

So what makes a meeting effective? From our experience, we are sharing 7 tips for effective meetings, if you have anything to add just let us know, by dropping us a comment on our contact us page or commenting on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/swiftcarsuk

Effective Meeting Tips

1 – Prepare an Agenda

Write a list of topics that need to be discussed in the meeting. Send the attendees the agenda at least a day before the meeting. This ensures that everyone knows what needs to be discussed in the meeting. Also, include the time the meeting is going to start and end. So attendees are prepared.

2 – Attendee list

Keep your attendee list short. People that need to make the decisions should be at the meeting. And anyone who is part of the decision making process.

3 – The Clock

It is important that meetings not only start on time but also end on time! If it is a large meeting then you should appoint a timekeeper. As an attendee, you should aim to get to the least 5-10 minutes earlier than the stated time. Give yourself plenty of time, traffic is not predictable!

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4 – Focus

Have the agenda in front of you in the meeting. If other topics come up and they are not on the agenda tell the attendee that you will write down their point in the meeting notes and will discuss it in the future when it’s the appropriate time.

7 steps for an effective meeting

5 – Take notes

It is important for all the attendees to bring a copy of the agenda to the meeting as a guide and to take their own notes. Highlight any actions that you need to take.

6 – Follow up of the Meeting

For the meeting organisers, let the attendees know that you intend to send the minutes or a summary of the meeting to them after the meeting. As well as following up on timely basis to make sure stress levels are kept at minimum.

7 – Intention

This tip is something different! What is your intention when going to the meeting? Is it to waste time, to have a snooze or to help your company reach their goals? For it to be a productive meeting you have to have the right intention. Having the right intention will keep you focused.

7 Tips for Effective Meetings

Lastly, have fun! If you have any more tips to add 7 steps for an effective meeting get in touch with us.

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