Christmas Break In The Sun

Christmas holidays in the UK are nice if you enjoy the weather in the UK. Some people like the short days and the cold nights snuggled up on the sofa with their hot chocolate. Others don’t want to get the winter blues and prefer to spend their Christmas break in the sun, they prefer not to be wet and cold!

Here is a destination that sounds like a dream if you want to enjoy the sun.

Mauritius, the average temperatures are 25°C on this tranquil island in December, located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Africa and Madagascar. December is a great time to go scuba-diving and for deep sea fishing. Enjoy colourful coral reefs and experience creature encounters. Spot the wild dolphins in the South West. December is the month of celebration: enjoy watching the séga, the island’s national dance, which originated with African slaves but is now part of every celebration. BBQs are popular in December enjoy yours on the white sandy beaches, you could catch the séga on the beach too, barefoot around a bonfire, dancing to the rhythm of the drum. There is nothing stopping you from joining in! You could attend the annual Kreol international Festival in December in the south-west of the island. It is famous for séga music and dancing as well as other performances.

Luxury Winter Sun Holidays

If you are looking for Christmas traditions that are colourful, December is a great time to make the most of a trip to the Bahamas. The temperatures are in the high 70s to low 80s, with clear skies. December is a great month to go diving and snorkelling. You can soak in the sun in this tropical paradise, relax on its idyllic beaches. Spend time exploring the outdoor oases such as Lucayan National park a 40-acre oasis of mangrove, pine and palm trees. You can relax in the Gold Rock Beach – which appears in two of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies. Explore the Glass Window Bridge, which is one of the most unique views in the Bahamas. On its northern side, you will find the rough, deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, on the southern side, the calm, turquoise-green waters of the Exuma sound in the Caribbean sea.

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You can experience the annual Christmas Junkanoo Festival which takes place on December 26. Thousands of locals and tourists dress in colourful costumes and dance in the streets to bands playing reggae and other Caribbean Music. Tip: Pack your costume!

Winter Snow Holidays

So far we have spent time in the sun, some people do actually prefer the snow and they dream of a white Christmas! Switzerland is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy the snow without skiing. Some villages offer various winter activities that do not include skiing. You could join a winter walking holiday and even take a journey on the Glacier Express.

If you have a passion for cross-country skiing, Switzerland is the place for your winter snow holidays. With its fantastic trails. Suitable for beginners and advanced skiers. Or you could join the relaxed downhill skiers which are suitable for all abilities. However, you choose to enjoy the snow – from the comfort of a train or cross-country skiing – Switzerland is an idyllic location truly a great place to enjoy the magic of winter

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Christmas Break In The Sun

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