Wokingham Half Marathon 2018

Wokingham welcomes its 32nd Half marathon, which is taking place on Sunday the 18th of February 2018. With 3,000 participants on its fast and rural course you can enter on the race at www.wokinghamhalfmarathon.co.uk. The entry deadline is on the 8th of February. If you would like to be dropped off to the marathon by a trusted and professional Wokingham taxi company  make sure to book your taxi in advance so we can get a pass to drop you off or pick you up at Cantley Park. Taking the stress out of trying to get to the marathon or getting back home after your run.

Image Credit: www.wokinghampaper.com

Runners at Wokingham half marathon last year

Community events are supported by local volunteers there are over 200 volunteers that help organise the annual Wokingham Marathon. The committee consists of local volunteers who will also intend to raise money for local charities.

Benefits of running half marathons

Half marathons are a great way to get fit and healthy, there are many benefits of running half marathons

  • You can set realistic goals, whereas a marathon may be daunting a half marathon seems more achievable.
  • Great way to get started for those that are starting out on their running journey.According to medical studies a half marathon is the ideal distance to run because it matches human limitations. Whereas full marathons show endurance, they can drain you more dramatically physically.
  • Some runners become demotivated causing runners to quit.
  • It’s a great way to be part of the local community as well as raise money for charity.
  • Running with others is encouragement to keep going, plus the crowds give you encouragement all the way.
  • When you run in a marathon you feel a great sense of achievement especially when you cross the finish line!
  • You encourage your friends and family to become fitter and healthier when they know you are training for a marathon.
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Swift Cars Wokingham Taxis wishes you the best of luck with your training and look forward to being part of your journey.

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